Railway Bridge Bullay

For monetary reasons this bridge on the route Trier – Koblenz was originally planned as a mere train bridge. But neighbouring villages, the council and some companies convinced the Ministry of Commerce to build a double bridge, which was set up in 1877/78. It is Germany’s first double bridge for road and rail. Its square steel construction has a total weight of 1400 tons.

The original bridge has seen several changes. In 1928 it was modified and strengthened due to the higher tonnages on this route.

In World War II supplies were transported via this route to the western front which was why this line was a primary target for bombardment, especially after July 19th, 1944. On February 10th the bridge was completely destructed. Further bombings destroyed the connecting track for the Moselle train. People living in the vicinity had to help rebuild the rail bridge.

It took about two years until the rail net was completed and until the railway line could offer continuous service again. On April 24th, 1947 this section was inaugurated by General König, who had made a strong effort for thereconstruction.