Side Line from Bullay/Pünderich to Traben-Trarbach

Being the most important wine and tourism location of the middle Moselle, Traben-Trarbach had pursued the connection to the rail net since 1872. After long delays the side line was only built after financial contributions of all the neighbouring villages. Its inauguration took place on June 1st, 1883.

At the beginning the correspondence station was not Bullay, but a station built at the meeting point of the two lines. This ‘Kanonenbahn’-station ‘Reil’ was established in 1879 but later renamed into ‘Pünderich Station’. Five out of six trains of the side line Traben-Trarbach ended here. Up to its demolition in 1975 it was used for changing trains between ‘Kanonenbahn’ and its side line.

Passenger trains were as important as freight trains, mostly for delivering wine. Transporting barrels of wine by boat was very expensive, so that some merchants had depots in Cologne or other towns. All wine trading locations along the Moselle profited from being connected to the rail net, transport by rail was easier and more costefficient. Wine freight trains frequented this route regularly.

Later, more modern engines of the 628 series were used. In 1997 doubledecker passenger trains were employed for a short time but which, however, were phased out owing to continually recurring problems.

Since 2001, the route has been put out to tender several times and carried out by various operators.