Mountain Bridge

One of the most remarkable construction along the Moselle line is the Mountain Bridge near Pünderich, which was built right across the vineyards and which connects the tunnels of Prinzenkopf and Reilerhals. The slope’s ground consists of loose layers of rubble 2 to 10 metres deep. The biggest challenge was the necessity for each pier pit to be framed with a regular timber construction.

This was made difficult by the adverse situation. An entombed document names all involved institutions and companies, also the costs compared to prices for food like bread, meat and Moselle wine at the time.

The bridge is 786 metres long with 92 openings of 7.2 metres clear width, a gradient of 1:100 on a curve of 700 metres radius.

Between July 19th , 1944 and March 3rd, 1945 altogether 15 Allied planes tried to destroy the bridge. Despite heavy bombardment the bridge remained almost completely intact.